Innovating Education through Technology

with a dynamic Education Management System to support your EVERY need!

Financial Accountability

Are you invested into improving financial accountability up to a 100% and being able to track the decision making process of your institute? Look no further, we have the solution you need to guide you every step of the way while you monitor progress remotely, anytime and anywhere.

Operation Cost Reduction

Are you stressing over resource utilization? Do you feel the need to limit your Human Resource involvement to create a more effective workforce? We can make it happen exactly as you want it with at least up to 50% of cost minimization by utilizing your resources, including manpower and increasing core productivity.

Compliance Management

Do you face difficulties in ensuring compliance? Are you eager to implement your organisational policies effectively through the right chain of command and line management? It's completely automated through Fingerprint Education Management Software (FEMS) with immediate responses in real time to ensure a smooth integration of your standard operating procedures.

Data Management

Data Analysis is a crucial Key Performance Indicator (KPI) for any organisation and time consuming when you get down to your Quarterly or Annual reviews and target planning for next year. All of that could become just a couple of clicks worth of effort to access your data and manipulate it to give you exactly the analytical report you're looking for.

Improved Transparency

Are you focused on building a more transparent community of teachers, students and parents? Is open end communication a priority for you and your institute? Fingerprint Education Management System (FEMS) could be your answer to all of this.

Communication Pro

If communication is the core of your operation, you have come to the right place. With Fingerprint Education Management System (FEMS), contacting your students, parents and employees through SMS, Emails, Notices, and Website is a one click effort task making the process smooth and effective.