Academic Management

1. Timetable Management

Timetabling is now a time saving job with automatic teacher availability and allocation, subject distribution and number of class assignment keeping in mind all individual academic needs specific to requirements for lessons.

2. Calendar Management

All academic, extracurricular and holiday event schedule are available for viewing, planning and action, at just a glance, allowing for preemptive and peripheral planning with an inbuilt notification system to alert, remind and execute events effectively.

3. Teacher Ordination

Teacher are assign to specific subject based on class. They can help to create class routine and also can manage any proxy schedule.

4. Syllabus Management

Syllabus availability, administration, application and completion tracking is a convenient approach to ensuring effective and consistent academic performances through the academic year.

5. Scheme of Work

A complete academic solution with integrated curriculum, lesson plans and book list to support classroom teaching via traditional and interactive methods, outlined in an easy to understand and relatable learning platform providing year round reference and planning support for all academic activities.

6. Lesson Plan

Lesson administration becomes more manageable with the option to record lesson plans well ahead of time and access these plans for the successful administration of the class for support, in absence or unavailability of any teacher and serves the purpose of tracking syllabus completion for the academic session.

7. Exam Management

The most comprehensive and dynamic integration of the academic assessment system into a user friendly, confidential and accurate platform with real time data to administer, tabulate, grade, record and publish student performance data which allows automated result analysis to guide academic planning by the authorities.

8. Book List Preparation

Planning ahead to the next academic year and preparing a book list in accordance to the curriculum plan becomes and indentifiably simpler task with reference to previous years’ history and curriculum at your fingertips, making lesson and assessment planning more relatable.

9. Discipline

Discipline maintenance and data availability of discipline records is more immediate and systematic through the enabled functions of incident report logs, investigations, actions and follow ups integrated with this module, along with discipline responses such as suspensions, expulsions and one-click report generations.