Operation Management

1. Admission Management

Processing new admission applications, admission test administration and invoice generation through a simplified online version of the real time conduct makes for an error free first impression with clients.

2. Student Services

Documentation requests, transcripts and certificate generation, financial clearances, academic clearances have now become a one stop auto generated response to suit the particular needs of students on an individual basis.

3. School Supplies Distribution

An automated procedure that coordinates the prescribed books and copies purchases and ensures the collection of these purchases via a verified and documented process, is an added tool to support student oriented services and a response to creating a one-stop solution for major school purchases.

4. HR Management

Managing the human capital becomes significantly more credible and effective with the recruitment process, administration, promotions, termination and employee performance becoming more straightforward and transparent.

5. Payroll Management

A simplified HR support tool that creates an automated payroll report based on system’s data for individual employees and can smartly adapt to integrated policies and boundaries such as attendance rules and flexibilities, rosters, absences, leave encashments, loans, etc.

6. Leave Management

An HR support module with integrated functions that relate to and comply with Payroll and HR roles and assists in managing employee leave of all types including, early departures, late attendances and summarised records of individual employees through one stop data processing and line management approval.

7. Attendance Management

Managing overall employee and student attendance is now a zero-person job with this automated approach to recording punctuality in attendance through integrated peripheral support systems and notifying absentee students and parents via the integrated SMS notification system just happens to be a bonus support service!

8. Transport Managemen

Creating transport requests for students, managing vehicle assignments and driver allocation, fee specification for students integrated with the fee management module, is more manageable with this directed tool for effective transport management, fuel cost management, vehicle maintennace and automated budget reports for both income and expenditure.

9. ICT

ID card generation and printing, peripheral equipment and tool connectivity such as with attendance devices and server integrated email generation becomes an automated response through the use of this simplified module.

10. Complaints and Feedback Management

This module records feedback queries of clients and their follow up responses, based on which reports, organisational action plans could be developed to address queries on a mass level depending on the need identified via the statistical frequency of recorded feedback.