Our team

We at Fingerprint understand that the single most important asset in the software consulting business, is people. Throughout the years of operation, Fingerprint has constantly sought to retain top professionals. Majority members of the start up team presently act as the senior management and form a solid backbone for inter-company relationships. Fingerprint IT has a team of dedicated technology enthusiasts and Internet evangelists. Our passion for IT knows no bounds and this passion drives us to focus on developing new and improved solutions for desktop or internet through building superiorly designed dynamic solutions that enables the users to experience usability and functionality along with an experience in visual appeal.

We have a technical team of 18 engineers who endeavor diligently to introduce new technology to both the local community as well as the global community. Our professionals are well experienced and have established themselves as assets to Fingerprint, the company, and prides themselves in developing a niche market in the community, that offers all sorts of IT solutions for businesses.