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Introduction to FITL

Fingerprint Information Technology Limited (FITL) is a leading IT consulting and software development company in Bangladesh, specializing in customized ERP applications and web-based solutions. With a commitment to customer satisfaction and technological excellence, FITL has successfully implemented a range of solutions, including custom applications, business-to-business interfaces, and optimization applications. Renowned for its outstanding after-sales support, FITL offers services across various industries, providing cost-effective and efficient solutions. The company excels in blending current management practices with IT expertise, emphasizing skill transfer and maintaining strong client relationships. FITL is a trusted name in delivering Computer-Aided Management Solutions, Products, and Services.

Why Fingerprint?

Financial Accountability

Improve financial accountability by tracking decision-making remotely and easily with our solution.

Operation Cost Reduction

Optimize your workforce and save up to 50% on costs by utilizing your resources, including manpower, to increase productivity.

Compliance Management

Automate FEMS compliance for efficient policy implementation with real-time responses and seamless SOP integration.

Data Management

Quick data access and manipulation can simplify report generation, which is crucial for organizations relying on data analysis.

Improved Transparency

Looking for a transparent community with open communication? Consider Fingerprint Education Management System (FEMS).

Communication Pro

FEMS streamlines communication for students, parents, and employees via SMS, emails, notices, and a website.

Fingerprints education management system (FEMS)

Education Management System offer Educational Institute Automation consulting for efficient functioning of educational institutions in every aspect – academics, management, HR, exams and more. Our comprehensive solutions ensure smooth automation for hassle-free operations.

Payment gateway (Moneybag)

An all-in-one payment gateway system where you can make secured payment anywhere and anytime. Our primary concern is to provide the best services where the customer can rely on by making the payment system online and fully flexible. A complete payment platform ensuring all your payment necessities.

School Supply (Online Store)

Explore School Supply: Immerse yourself in the world of educational resources at School Supply. Your centralized hub for English medium textbooks offers easy access to a comprehensive collection that supports diverse curricula. Enhance your institution’s teaching and learning experience with our range of materials.

Latest Updates

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Tooba Arbab
Tooba ArbabDirector, Oxford International School
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FITL has made transactions seamless, and managing all my data much more easier for my company. The reliability and efficiency I got using Moneybag and FEMS makes my overall satisfaction with the service exceptionally high.
Rohim Uddin
Rohim UddinSP, APBN
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Fingerprint is a top-notch tech company with innovative solutions for complex projects. They offer sustainable solutions and collaborate with clients to deliver the best results.